Changi Airport handles in excess of 2 million tons of cargoes over a 12 month period. We work with all Airlines landing in Singapore and can offer you competitive rates and load space to multiple destinations around the world. With hot urgent cargoes, we can offer you the Guaranteed Uplift thru various major Airlines. For our clients in the Marine Sector, we move Odd-Sized cargoes on main deck pallets. Browse our Gallery section to see the pictures. Our team in the Changi Airfreight Centre is available to work throughout holiday seasons to handle your cargoes. We will monitor your exports and imports and ensure that all documentations for airlines and for Customs are error free.

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Air Freight services offer faster transit times, reliable delivery, and the ability to reach global destinations efficiently.
Yes, our Air Freight services are equipped to handle specialized cargo and hazardous materials with proper handling and compliance to safety regulations.

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