All conference carriers have a strong presence in Singapore. PSA has the largest quay cranes with the longest boom reach to serve the wide bodied container ships. With short turnaround times, all carriers truly enjoy minimal time wastage in Port of Singapore. Intercontinental Logistics Pte Ltd is the forwarder that will help you find the most competitive sailing rates and fastest transit time. We work with liners and trampers to fulfill your booking requirements for containerized loads and for conventional loads. Have a look at our Gallery page to see the Out Of Gauge loads that we handle!

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Ocean Freight services can handle a wide range of cargo, including large bulk shipments, vehicles, machinery, consumer goods, and even hazardous materials.
Transit times in Ocean Freight vary depending on the destination and shipping route. Generally, it takes longer than air freight but offers a cost-effective solution for non-urgent shipments, with delivery times ranging from several days to several weeks.
Ocean Freight providers employ secure and durable shipping containers, conduct proper cargo securing, and adhere to international safety standards to safeguard goods during their journey at sea.
Yes, many Ocean Freight companies offer tracking services, providing real-time updates on your shipment’s status and estimated delivery time.

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